Welcome to Carbone Cash!  Over the past decade, you have helped us build a great family inside of our gym and we wanted to come up with a way to reward you for all of your help and continuing to spread the word.

Here’s how it works…

Continue to help us spread the word by telling friends and family; share your incredible results and experience you have with us; help us better our community and save lives; and stay consistent with your training and we’ll reward you with a special token you can cash in for cool stuff.

How to Earn your Tokens:

Write a Testimonial with a Picture: 2 tokens

Post a 5 Star Review on FB or Google: 1 token each

Attend a Charity Workout: 1 token

Complete at least 20 workouts in a month and turn in your card on the last day of the month: 1 token

Bring in a friend/family member who signs up: 3 tokens

Our “stuff” list will be ever changing, but here is what you can grab at the moment:

Carbone Keychain/Bottle Opener: 1 token

Carbone Blender Bottle: 3 tokens

Tee/Tank: 4 tokens

Hoodie/Zip Ups/Long Sleeve:9 tokens

4 Semi Private sessions add on: 2o tokens

Carbone Hat: 5 tokens