Meet the Team

We work very closely as a team, so you’ll eventually meet and work with us at some point while you are working out. We meet constantly to discuss how to help our members, so you will always be in good hands from our coaches to our customer service team.

Greg Carbone - Owner

Growing up in Northeast Ohio, Greg was exposed to small business from an early age in his parents landscaping and construction business.  He would often be found playing in the giant sand and stone bins; riding in the semi trucks, and occasionally helping “bartend” company parties.  He always had a love for being around people and helping them.
Fitness and helping others has always been a major passion of his. Growing up as the skinny kid, he often got pushed around by older brothers and bigger friends. Although it was all in good fun, he hated being small and weak.  Everything changed one day when he left his Algebra after school tutoring and came across some friends training in the gym.  He joined in and never looked back.  His Algebra never really improved that much, but his passion for fitness grew as he noticed the confidence he gained and how it affected his life in such a positive way.
Greg pursued this passion and graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from Youngstown State University in Ohio, while working with all of the athletic teams and learning from great mentors.  After moving to New Jersey, he spent a couple of years training large groups of athletes and working long, tiring hours, & quickly became burnt out. After a visit back home during Christmas, he learned that his father had been diagnosed with late stage cancer and was only given a few months to live.
After the loss of his father, he wanted to continue in his footsteps as a business owner and someone that helped others. Together with his wife, Katie, they started Carbone Training Systems at the end of 2008 and have been rolling with a renewed passion ever since. Greg has dedicated his life learning from the best coaches; becoming the best at helping people get healthy, look good and perform better.  Greg and his team have also helped raise over $65,000 to date to help several local charities in their community outreach program.

Ronnie Mustacchio II – Head Fitness Coach

Since 2011, Coach Ronnie has brought a unique blend of enthusiasm and athleticism to our business.  Coach can go from training a group of high school swimmers; to administering a boot camp; to working with a post-surgery client without skipping a beat. It’s the versatility that we appreciate and admire in Coach.

Ronnie graduated Brick Memorial high school in 1998 and was Captain of his Shore Conference Champion and South Jersey Champion Soccer team.  He also played Ice Hockey for the Mustangs who were Runners Up in the 1997 Public School State Final.  Coach then went on to play soccer at Wesley College where he graduated Cum Laude with a degree in Physical Education-Exercise Science in May 2002.  Since Graduating, Ronnie has worked in several training atmospheres that include Bank of America Corporate Fitness, Borgata Spa Fitness and Velocity Sports Performance to name a few.  He has trained hundreds of athletes, adults and special populations throughout his 10+ years of training.

“Over the past ten years, I have had the privilege of meeting so many great members, parents and student-athletes.  I have grown not only as a trainer but as a person.  Coaching is not only about administering a program to an individual or group, but it is about connecting with people and giving them 110% of your effort and time.  I pride myself on that and I try to improve each day.  As a competitive athlete at heart, I strive to be the best and I want our members and athletes to do the same!”


Sean English – Head of Program Design, Fitness Coach

Sean became interested in strength training out of necessity as an undersized freshman who wanted to play varsity football.  Through training, he was able to work his way up to a starter on defense as a junior and a captain his senior year.  His interest in fitness developed throughout college both during and after his two years playing football and really became serious after graduation while living and working in Atlanta, Georgia.  Not knowing many people during his first year in the south he joined a local gym and dedicated himself to working out daily and living a healthy lifestyle.  After working in healthcare for four years, Sean decided to pursue a career in something he has a true passion for and started looking into becoming a fitness coach.  He was introduced to Carbone through his mother who is a member, and after participating in group classes for a few weeks he was fortunate enough to land an internship. He loves the fun atmosphere of the gym, the challenging workouts, the sense of community and sharing with members the goal of improving fitness and overall health.

Fun Facts: Sean has three younger sisters who all participated in different sports at the collegiate level; he likes to think he played a small role in that.

When not at the gym you can find Sean watching sports or playing slow pitch softball.

Geoff Briscione – Fitness Coach, Program Design

Geoff started at Carbone by completing two internships with us in the summer of 2015 and the winter of 2016, and officially became a coach when he returned after graduating from the University of Delaware in the Spring of 2016.

Geoff’s fitness journey started in middle school solely as a means to become a better soccer player. However, after he felt himself getting stronger and quicker he begin to take exercising more seriously and realized the positive impact exercise can have on the body. Through the years Geoff become more and more interested in exercise and continued to exercise throughout high school as more of a hobby than anything else and once he stopped playing soccer, he continued to exercise as a way to stay in shape.

 However, it was only after Geoff herniated a disk in his back his freshman year of college and had to take over a year off of exercising to recover did he truly realize how much exercise meant to him and also realize just how much of an impact exercise can have on a person’s life. Ever since, Geoff found a newfound appreciating of exercise and hopes he can bring out this appreciation in others all while helping them accomplish their fitness goals.

Kristina Disakias – Fitness Coach, Program Design

Kristina graduated from Ocean Township High School in 2013 where she played lacrosse. During high school, Kristina was also part of a youth group where she participated in volleyball and track events. In 2017, Kristina graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science. Although fitness was always something she was passionate about, it was during college that Kristina realized how important fitness was in her day-to-day life. Working out and training while away at school served as a healthy habit to help her relieve stress and keep her focused. Kristina wanted to find a way that she would be able to share her passion for fitness with others and help them as well. Kristina was looking for an internship to complete her degree and fortunately landed on Carbone. With such a positive atmosphere it was impossible not to love. She loves to see others progress and will cheer you on every step of the way.

Kelly Welsh – Fitness Coach

Kelly was a competitive swimmer for Central Jersey Aquatic Club – CJAC since the age of eight. She swam for Shore Regional and went on to swim for Sacred Heart University in college. Kelly has worked and competed as a lifeguard for Bradley Beach Ocean Rescue for twelve years. Her enthusiasm for exercise and and passion for fitness are obvious when she is coaching at Carbone.

Logan Singleton – Fitness Coach

Billy Wishart- Fitness Coach