Success Stories

Carbone Fitness helped Julia lose over 100 Pounds and counting

“I have always struggled with weight loss, but in the past 5 years I have made it my mission to change my life and lose over 100 pounds. I realized that this is not a diet, but a ‘lifestyle change’. Although I was doing everything possible to keep up with this new way of life, I hit a brick wall! I wasn’t seeing anymore results and I was becoming discouraged!!

This past year I really made even more changes to my diet and workout routine and still nothing changed until I was introduced to Greg Carbone. Greg was so supportive from the beginning and since January I have been working side by side with him. Between his workouts and meal plans, I have seen my body transform. I am so much more confident now and I love what I see in the mirror. Sometimes I can’t even believe it is me! All I can say is that I owe it all to Greg. He showed me exactly what my own individual body needed to make these changes and I am so happy! I would encourage anyone to come and meet with him, because he is so knowledgable and will help in any way he can.

Lastly, I just want to thank you Greg for all you do and have done. Your support and advice have guided me in the direction I need to be in.”

Shawn shed 31 Pounds in just 5 weeks using the Carbone Training Systems 28 Day X-Treme Body Transformation

Hey Greg, I wanted to thank you. After 5 weeks on your program I have lost over thirty pounds. I am down to 180 and look forward to losing more.

In terms of cardio fitness I don’t think I have been in this good of shape since high school. The biggest complaint I have is that I can not afford a new wardrobe. I can’t believe that none of my clothes fit me. In fact when I get dressed in the morning it feels like I am wearing a moo-moo.

Plain and simple, your program works.

Shawn V
28 Day XTreme Transformation

Kelly ditched the boring treadmill and lame step classes for Carbone Personal Training and is now stronger and leaner than ever

It’s amazing the results I am seeing throughout my body. My workouts have changed from just running on a treadmill and various classes. I am lifting more weight than I ever thought possible while working my heart rate and core muscles. I really enjoy the challenge and different exercises Greg teaches me — each session is different and I never get bored. Oh! Did I mention the results!
I weighed in today at —!! Just in time for the cruise! Thank you!

Kelly McCormick - Shrewsbury, New Jersey
Personal Training in Ocean

Carbone Fitness has helped Miin lose over 11% body fat and keeps her driving from Connecticut on the weekends

I started going to classes April of last year and have felt a world of difference in my before and after body.  Since starting class, I have been able to drop 11% in body fat which has left me feeling happier, more energetic and positive than before.  Greg has motivated me to go beyond what I had originally thought possible and challenges me at each class with harder sets and higher goals.  Although I have since moved out of the state, his dedication to working out has influenced me that I am now able to work out on my own on a daily basis and still see results.  I love going to bootcamp so much that when I am home on weekends, I actually wake up extra early Saturday mornings just to go through a work out.  If you are on the fence on joining, definitely just go for it!  You will be addicted when you complete a work out and see what you can really do.

Miin Chen - Stamford, Connecticut
Carbone Fitness BootCamp in Ocean

After a few short months in Carbone Fitness, Caren is looking..and feeling younger than ever

I think it takes different life events to make you realize that you need to change your life. For me, it was my sister’s diagnosis of Breast Cancer at the age of 37. I realized I had been taking my own body for granted, treating it miserably with the food I ate and the lack of exercise I gave it. I looked all around for a place that would not only motivate me to change, but give me the tools and advise I desperately needed. I am so thankful that I found Greg. In 6 short months, with Greg’s guidance and expertise, I have begun to truly transform my body and life. For the first time in 38 years, I feel (and look!) strong, healthy, and energetic. And this, I owe all to Greg and his dedication to his clients, his creative and differentiated workouts, and to his expertise in nutrition. Thanks, Greg!

Caren MacConnell - Shrewsbury, New Jersey
Carbone Fitness Boot Camp in Shrewsbury NJ

After becoming a mother of 3, Nikki used the Carbone Fitness to get her shape back

Carbone Fitness is the best! Since starting about 7 months ago, I have seen a tremendous difference in my body. Not only have I lost weight and toned muscle, but training has been a great stress reliever. I actually get upset if I have to miss a class. It has provided me with more energy to run after my 3 small children, and I love hearing them ask, “Mommy how many lunges did you do tonight?

Nikki Barreca - Shrewsbury, New Jersey
Carbone Fitness Boot Camp in Eatontown NJ

Mary Lynn jump started her routine by quickly losing 15 pounds of fat and several inches off her waist and hips using the Carbone Training Systems 28 Day Body Transformation

Greg’s definition of fun is thinking up new ways to maximize your workout. In just 28 days I lost 12 pounds and inches off my waist and hips. The best part is that I feel great!

Mary Lynn Wentway - Shrewsbury, New Jersey
Carbone Fitness BootCamp in Ocean

Kim lost over 11 pounds of body fat and 5 inches off her hips and waist in just 28 days using the 28 Day Body Transformation

I wanted to drop a note to let you know how much better I feel after completing your 28 day program. I feel stronger, more physically fit and have more endurance. There was no better or time to do something for myself, my metabolism has increased and my clothes fit better. Your program was the jump start I needed to look and feel better about myself.

Kim Gagnon - Manasquan, New Jersey
28 Day XTreme Body Transformation in Shrewsbury

George feels like a young kid again and has lost 9% body fat using the Carbone Fitness

Like most of America my resolution was to lose the fat. And retain and gain muscle. Through February I progressed but also spent exhorbinant time at the gym. Not a lot of fun either. And, worse, I started to hit a plateau.

But there was a nugget of advice that I’d seen numerous times but unfortunately ignored: get a mentor. Get a coach.

My wife and kids had trained with Greg Carbone. We arranged to meet and develop a better plan. I gave him the history, all the data, and the current routine. Greg changed things up. He reminded me of things I should have known. He told me things I didn’t know. He developed an exercise plan and gave diet guidance. And it began.

I spent less time at the gym but it was more effective. Exercise became mostly fun. I hit my first goal quickly: I dropped a pant size. The routines have altered and adjusted to get over plateaus. I hit moments of overtraining and we worked through that. Results are consistent. Bad results are consistent, too, when I fall by the wayside – watching that intake is much harder for me than doing the exercise.

You may have heard someone say, “I feel like a kid again.” Well, I do, or as close to it as I can remember. I believe strength training is basically the Fountain of Youth. Strength training builds muscle and bone mass, two valuable things aging will slowly strip away unless actively prevented.

Some other things you might like to know about Greg:

– Boot Camps are Fun. Don’t be intimidated by the name. This is how school gym class should have been. Yes, we work hard. But we run, jump, lift, throw, and do different things every time.

– People that start working with Greg, stay working with Greg. He’s down-to-earth and even-keeled but underneath there’s a guy who is passionate about this stuff and self-motivated to help. I’ve been told by folks who know about these things that his certifications are the real deal, hard to get, you need to be serious about training to acquire them.

What’s next for me? There’s more fat cells to burn off. More strength to build. More mass to accumulate. It would be sooo much easier if chocolate was calorie-free.

George Lechner - Tinton Falls, New Jersey
Carbone Fitness Boot Camp in Ocean

Justine lost over 10 pounds & 8 % body fat, feels great…all while maintaining a Vegan diet

Hmmm, where do I start?  18 months ago I found myself feeling tired, bloated, stomach alignments all the time, poor blood work, and feeling more anxious every day. I was not an unhealthy person…in fact I have had personal trainers, utilized almost every workout video, walked my dog miles every day.  No matter what I tried I was not able to stop gaining weight and feeling terrible!

I decided to do some research.  I do not recommend it for everyone, but I completed altered my lifestyle and became a vegan to detox my body of what was going on inside me.  With much success I started to shed about 10 pounds and was feeling lighter in appearance and spirit.

Still, my body was screaming on the inside to let out the “hotty” I have not seen in years…where did she go? Almost giving up and blaming age…I met with Greg and we started talking…This is when my life changed for the better again…

Since training with Greg I have slowly, but successfully shed another ten pounds and over 8% body fat.  I am off all medication and have more energy than I did 5 years ago! Slow and steady wins the race.  Finally, I am getting compliments on my appearance again “You look great, what are you doing?”. My students frequently ask me “why are you always so happy?” My doctor cannot believe the extreme change in blood work ”They don’t get any healthier then you are!”.

I still have a goal set in my head, but I am confident I will reach it with no problem! All this quality of life while having fun and making some great new friends while doing it! Anyone would be silly to not at least give Greg a month and see if he gets you addicted to the power of Carbone Fitness Boot Camp!

JC - Red Bank, New Jersey
Carbone Fitness BootCamp

Phyllis has lost 3.5 inches off her hips and 2.5 inches off her waist and feels better than ever!

Carbone Training Systems has been the best thing that has happened to me in a long time.  It is not like any other gym I have ever been to.  There aren’t rows of treadmills and ellipticals and bikes….it’s just an open space gym environment.  There are weight benches and weights, etc. but this gym is totally different.  We exercise using our body weight, we flip tractor trailer tires, we use bands, physio balls, bosu balls, kettlebells, and we exercise with heavy ropes, to name a few things.  I have never enjoyed going to the gym; first of all because I was intimidated by all of the “already fit” people and secondly, getting on a treadmill and walking or running for miles is so boring to me.

For the first time ever, I LOVE going to the gym.  I sometimes even make it to the 6 am class.  I have been a member of Carbone Training Systems since April 2011 and by July I had lost 3.5 inches off of my hips and 2.5 off of my waist.  I never thought I would see results like that, which really motivates me to continue the hard work.  The owner, Greg Carbone, is the best.  He takes a personal interest in EVERYONE who is there.  If you have specific needs or old injuries, he modifies each exercise for you.
This has been a worthwhile investment in more ways than one!  THANKS GREG!

Phyllis - Ocean Township, NJ

Jamie lost 9 pounds of fat, gained 5 pounds of muscle and lost several inches in just 1 month at Carbone Fitness BootCamp

Let me say this first I have become obsessed with Carbone Fitness.  It has truely changed me.  I have always been an energetic person who would workout occasionly but after I had my second child I seemed to lose interest.  I gained about 70lbs with each of my pregnancies.  I was able to lose a majority of the weight from breastfeeding but it is those last 15lbs that are never easy.  My neighbor has been going to Carbone bootcamps for a while and finally convinced me to try a 2 week free trial.  I did it and was hooked.  I am attending bootcamps 4-5 times a week.  Each class is different and each one challenges me.  It was just what I needed to get back to feeling really great.  I have been doing it for a little over a month now and have lost 9lbs of fat, gained 5lbs of muscle and lost inches off my waist and hips.  I can really see an amazing change in my body and myself.  Thank you so much to Greg and all the instructors at Carbone Training Systems for taking the time to make sure I am doing the exercises correctly, for pushing me to do more and for giving me something to look forward to that is just for me.

Jamie - Shrewsbury, NJ