Carbone Fitness has helped Miin lose over 11% body fat and keeps her driving from Connecticut on the weekends

I started going to classes April of last year and have felt a world of difference in my before and after body.  Since starting class, I have been able to drop 11% in body fat which has left me feeling happier, more energetic and positive than before.  Greg has motivated me to go beyond what I had originally thought possible and challenges me at each class with harder sets and higher goals.  Although I have since moved out of the state, his dedication to working out has influenced me that I am now able to work out on my own on a daily basis and still see results.  I love going to bootcamp so much that when I am home on weekends, I actually wake up extra early Saturday mornings just to go through a work out.  If you are on the fence on joining, definitely just go for it!  You will be addicted when you complete a work out and see what you can really do.