George feels like a young kid again and has lost 9% body fat using the Carbone Fitness

Like most of America my resolution was to lose the fat. And retain and gain muscle. Through February I progressed but also spent exhorbinant time at the gym. Not a lot of fun either. And, worse, I started to hit a plateau.

But there was a nugget of advice that I’d seen numerous times but unfortunately ignored: get a mentor. Get a coach.

My wife and kids had trained with Greg Carbone. We arranged to meet and develop a better plan. I gave him the history, all the data, and the current routine. Greg changed things up. He reminded me of things I should have known. He told me things I didn’t know. He developed an exercise plan and gave diet guidance. And it began.

I spent less time at the gym but it was more effective. Exercise became mostly fun. I hit my first goal quickly: I dropped a pant size. The routines have altered and adjusted to get over plateaus. I hit moments of overtraining and we worked through that. Results are consistent. Bad results are consistent, too, when I fall by the wayside – watching that intake is much harder for me than doing the exercise.

You may have heard someone say, “I feel like a kid again.” Well, I do, or as close to it as I can remember. I believe strength training is basically the Fountain of Youth. Strength training builds muscle and bone mass, two valuable things aging will slowly strip away unless actively prevented.

Some other things you might like to know about Greg:

– Boot Camps are Fun. Don’t be intimidated by the name. This is how school gym class should have been. Yes, we work hard. But we run, jump, lift, throw, and do different things every time.

– People that start working with Greg, stay working with Greg. He’s down-to-earth and even-keeled but underneath there’s a guy who is passionate about this stuff and self-motivated to help. I’ve been told by folks who know about these things that his certifications are the real deal, hard to get, you need to be serious about training to acquire them.

What’s next for me? There’s more fat cells to burn off. More strength to build. More mass to accumulate. It would be sooo much easier if chocolate was calorie-free.