Justine lost over 10 pounds & 8 % body fat, feels great…all while maintaining a Vegan diet

Hmmm, where do I start?  18 months ago I found myself feeling tired, bloated, stomach alignments all the time, poor blood work, and feeling more anxious every day. I was not an unhealthy person…in fact I have had personal trainers, utilized almost every workout video, walked my dog miles every day.  No matter what I tried I was not able to stop gaining weight and feeling terrible!

I decided to do some research.  I do not recommend it for everyone, but I completed altered my lifestyle and became a vegan to detox my body of what was going on inside me.  With much success I started to shed about 10 pounds and was feeling lighter in appearance and spirit.

Still, my body was screaming on the inside to let out the “hotty” I have not seen in years…where did she go? Almost giving up and blaming age…I met with Greg and we started talking…This is when my life changed for the better again…

Since training with Greg I have slowly, but successfully shed another ten pounds and over 8% body fat.  I am off all medication and have more energy than I did 5 years ago! Slow and steady wins the race.  Finally, I am getting compliments on my appearance again “You look great, what are you doing?”. My students frequently ask me “why are you always so happy?” My doctor cannot believe the extreme change in blood work ”They don’t get any healthier then you are!”.

I still have a goal set in my head, but I am confident I will reach it with no problem! All this quality of life while having fun and making some great new friends while doing it! Anyone would be silly to not at least give Greg a month and see if he gets you addicted to the power of Carbone Fitness Boot Camp!